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Raleigh: PTSD is not a Competition

Let's do something meaningful together

PTSD Is Not A Pissing Competition in Raleigh

Raleigh, I was contacted by a female veteran who made it very clear to me that she believes that REAL PTSD was only something that people in the military could experience.

I very firmly and politely disagreed. PTSD is something that happens as a result of trauma; it is not something that occurs because you entered the military.

A lot of my mates and people I help are veterans. Good people. Solid. THEY will tell you there is a percentage of veterans that use the claim of PTSD as a crutch and to elicit sympathy and a paycheck. It is the same in all walks of life in Raleigh; there is a particular type of person in love with drama, not impacted by trauma.

For those of us that deal with this crap every day, it is time to rally together for a solution. A military/non-military pissing competition serves no purpose whatsoever than to divide a community that should be working towards a solution that helps everyone.

I think you would find my book ‘#dealwithit- living well with PTSD’ helpful. I talk about what I did to help graduate beyond just being a ‘survivor’ of PTSD and trauma; what works; what doesn’t; what I screwed up. About overcoming adversity and mental illness.

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